Our Approach & Services

Our Approach

Our comprehensive industry understanding of workplace wellbeing, mental health and culture change has taught us that training on it’s own is ineffective for long-term change and that a whole-organisational approach, with commitment and support from all levels of management being the only way to sustainably improve employee wellbeing. commitment and support from all levels of management.  

Delivery with Relevant Experience 

All of our team have significant working experience of managing teams in commercial environments, reinforcing personal credibility with attendees and bringing essential insight and understanding to sessions.  Many are considered leaders in corporate mental wellbeing and actively involved with initiatives and movements determined to improve working environments for all.

Evidence and Research

Every aspect of our approach is underpinned by evidence-based principles and contemporaneous, peer-reviewed research. 

Extensive Industry Understanding

The Open Minds Health approach designed by an experienced team which includes Consultant Psychiatrists, General Practitioners, Mental Health nurses, HR Directors, other HR specialists, leading healthcare academics and business leaders who have worked at a senior level within corporate environments. 

Our Services

Our workplace programmes have been developed for people working in high pressured environments. We recognise the need for evidence for change, extensive expertise, and thorough industry understanding. All of these principles are applied and reflected in our bespoke interventions and training programmes, and delivered by experts in their field. In addition to our workplace wellbeing programmes, many large healthcare organisations in the UK, US and Australia are successfully using the Open Minds Health clinical assessment frameworks and related training programmes.

Leadership Engagement Sessions

We offer small scale sessions to engage Board and Senior Leadership Teams, and large conference style sessions for Key Leaders across the organisation, both designed to:

  • Encourage attendees to advocate for the wellbeing of all of their people within the context of a demanding commercial environment
  • Provide teams with practical tips on how to address their own wellbeing, positioning this as key to bringing energy to their roles as leaders
  • Share our unique approach to addressing mental health concerns, challenges and goals for both the organisation and its people

Development of Internal Resources

We act as a ‘critical friend’ in supporting organisations to develop any in-house resources, including development of web-based support resources, and provide advice regarding effective ways to promote for increased use.  We want your employees to feel that they’re only a click away from help, knowing where they can find:

  • details of actions to take to prevent themselves from becoming unwell in distress’ earliest stages
  • trusted help to individuals who feel unwell to aid recovery and stay well

Human Resources Engagement Workshops

We work with HR to help develop the mental wellbeing programme, supported by the internal communications function and the occupational health provider. These sessions will focus on embedding greater literacy and confidence around mental wellbeing and help forge a strong link with the broader people strategy. The aim is to connect with a number of key stakeholders within the HR function:

  • Learning and Development – using learning to raise awareness of mental wellbeing
  • Employee Relations – managing absence and resolving interpersonal conflict

  • Compensation and Benefits – influencing the cost of health insurance benefits

  • Organisation Development – creating an inclusive culture that allows each employee to be engaged and emotionally authentic 

Line Manager Engagement Workshops

 We offer detailed workshops to help key staff members fully understand their role in managing staff wellbeing, with attention given to:

  • Gaining practical insight into how to look after all aspects of emotional wellbeing in in oneself and the people they lead
  • Understanding the early signs of distress and/or poor mental wellbeing enabling them to recognise signs in oneself and the people they lead
  • Understanding depression and anxiety, and how these differ from stress
  • Understanding what actions to take if a team member becomes unwell or is showing signs of distress in its early stages
  • Reviewing available resources and judge appropriateness in passing to team members at any stage of poor mental wellbeing
  • Understanding the best approach when reintegrating someone back into the team as part of their recovery and return to work process

Our workshops for Line Managers are designed to reinforce the importance of wellbeing and energy in leaders with a deep dive on mental wellbeing, and increase awareness and understanding of their role in facilitating appropriate support when a colleague is experiencing poor mental wellbeing.

WORKTool - Our Mental Health Screening Tool for Line Managers

 WORKTool is an online screening tool designed to provide Line Managers with guidance in addressing mental wellbeing with team members.  It provides a framework that ensues that the right questions are asked to easily identify areas affecting wellbeing and assists organisations in meeting HSE standards and legal responsibilities to undertake effective risk assessments and address work-related stress.

This screening process takes place over two stages, with the first stage taking approximately three minutes to complete. If stage one flags up any issues of concern, the second stage is automatically triggered which takes approximately eight minutes to complete and prompts several steps which may include:

  • Actions that the employee can take to improve their own wellbeing
  • Signposting to internal resources (e.g. EAP, intranet-based self-help resources);
  • A referral to Occupational Health; 
  • Recommendations for accessing further support from external healthcare providers including statutory, private and third sector services.

All users will be required to complete an e-learning module programme to enable them to use this screening tool safely and effectively.  

All Staff Engagement Strategy

We provide guidance in adopting a multi-channel approach to engage staff across the organisation, meeting with a small project steering group to agree the best approach for your organisation. This may include one or all of the following solutions:

  • E-Learning
  • Face to Face workshops
  • Roadshows
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Communication Campaigns
  • Team Briefings
  • We-Based Apps
  • Intranet Content
  • Printed Media


E-Learning Programmes

We’ve teamed up with Headtorch to offer an E-learning programme that raises awareness of mental wellbeing from both an individual and team perspective.  Developed in collaboration with University of Glasgow, the Headtorch E-learning programme uses engaging, televised drama and documentary material (filmed by a BAFTA nominated director) and interactive E-learning activities, to bring a number of well-being issues to life. These include:

  • Awareness of individual wellbeing
  • the impact of attitude and behaviour on colleagues’ mental health and wellbeing
  • The impact of voice and body language
  • How to have sensitive conversations
  • The importance of supporting work colleagues for healthy workplace environment
  • How to have sensitive conversations
  • The importance of supporting work colleagues for healthy workplace environment


The E-learning programme is available on all devices and has been purposefully designed to fit in with employees working days, stopping and starting as required. It provides:

  • three online episodes, approximately 1 hour long, released at 3 week intervals to fully embed learning
  • self-directed discussion groups following each episode
  • options to download tools, individual notes and key points raised within discussion groups
  • individual and organisational programme reports